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Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! It’s my favorite time of the year where we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I’m like a little kid when it comes to anything  related to Christmas, it would be safe to say I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit!! Today I thought I’d share with you guys some really cute holiday gifts that would be perfect for the special ladies in our lives which are all UNDER $100!!! A lot of these pieces sell out fast the closer we get to Christmas, so definitely try and snag some now while you can 😉

Here are 5 Random Things I love About Christmas

  1. Every year my family in Canada plays the Chinese gift exchange game because there are soo many of us! I’m the youngest of 6 six kids and currently my parents have 12 grandchildren so it’s a lot of people and there is usually wrapping paper flying everywhere! The kids all do a secret (not so secret)  Santa gift exchange with their cousins and all us adults bring a gift under $100 and than we play the game! It’s always fun to see people fight over the presents (in a nice way mostly haha)
  2. My favorite Childhood Christmas Memory – My mom always put up a 3 foot light up Santa by our fireplace, I used to always get so exited when she got him out of the box that I would give him kisses all the time hahah she still puts him up every year and he’s still as cute as I ever.. just a tad faded hah
  3. Growing up every year we always had Christmas supper on Christmas Eve and then would open up all our presents after supper. I always ate that meal in record time! Now that we are older and have families of our own we usually celebrate Christmas a few days early just to make it work for everyone.  My mom  is a serious queen in the kitchen… everything is sooooo yummy that I convince myself a mountain of food is necessary and have zero shame! Then after supper when I physically can’t move, I decide to eat about 12 of my moms desserts…  and I never regret it! She seriously makes the best homemade donuts ever.. just thinking about them makes me giddy to go home!
  4. My favorite Christmas song is either Drummer Boy or Angels We Have Heard Of High. Both get me into the Christmas spirit.
  5. We just put up our Christmas decorations on the weekend and my favorite decoration is the Nativity Scene that we set up. It’s not breakable and it allows Kyden to interact and play with the characters. It makes this mamas heart so happy!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful Tuesday!

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