Sweater Love + Wind Blown

Sweater Love + Wind Blown

That color combo on this sweatshirt! LOVE!!!!


This winter has been so weird so I feel like I never know how to dress when I leave home. We have had hardly any snow and either its straight up Fall weather where I don’t need a coat and can get way with just a sweater or it’s like living in a freezer where I need 20 lbs of winter clothing on just to survive walking into the grocery store! It’s been sooo odd and really annoying especially when you need to dress kids in winter clothing because lets face it moms… thats a work out in itself!!! Especially when you are wrestling a toddler to stay still so you can dress him!! He thinks it’s hilarious but I’m full on huffing and puffing by the end of it. Not even joking just being super real over here. So when Robert comes home for lunch I always ask him if it’s cold out but I’ve come to realize his cold isn’t the same as my cold, so he usually says no it’s nice and then I end up just leaving with a sweater on and when I get outside my teeth are chattering and I’ve turned into an ice-cube before I even get into my vehicle. THANK goodness for heated seats!!! They are heaven for my buns! So I literally never believe him when he says it’s nice out. Not to mention the horrible winds… most days I don’t do my hair because I have two kids and my time getting ready has been limited to about 5 minutes so most of the time my hair gets thrown up in messy bun which really just looks like a big fuzz ball on top of my head. But when I actually do my hair I can’t see because the wind has my hair flying all over my face, which I now understand why grandmas wear those head scarfs. Smart women, wind is danger!

TRUE STORY – Robert and I were outside with the kids a couple of days ago and normally it’s windy so we’ve just gotten used to it but out of no where this huge gust of wind came right at us while I was holding Jett and it pushed me forward to where I had to catch my balance. As it was happening I looked over to Kyden immediately and it was too late… the wind literally blew him over onto his back!!! Robert and I rushed over to grab him because he fell on pavement (thankfully he lifted his head up when he fell so his head didn’t smack the ground) He was such a champ about it but like WHAT!!!??  We have winds that are blowing kids over!

Anyways I just got this cute textured sweater in the mail and I’m OBSESSED!!! If you know me, you know that I have a serious addiction to sweaters. I live in them! This sweater is so comfy and I love the print and think I’ll be wearing it lots this Spring. I love it because it can be worn casual with some cute sneakers but I can also dress it up with heels like I did, which I just found out are on SALE! Also on sale is the cute cross body bag that I’m wearing! It’s one of my favorites! I’ll link all outfit details below and some other cute items I’ve had my eye on! (Ps. I noticed the sweater is selling out fast so RUNNN and snag one before it’s sold out!!)

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

XX, Stacey



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