Favorite Baby Products

Favorite Baby Products

I feel like I have so many pregnant friends right now and they are all due within a few weeks of one another. I can’t wait, I’ve definitely been getting baby fever which if I’m honest I always have baby fever until my two are crying at the same time and I’m running on sleep fumes! But moms, first time moms and expecting moms! I got ya! Preparing for the new little one is one of the most exciting times of our lives and I’m sure you’ve dreamt about this moment a million times! However that exciting time can also be overwhelming especially mixed with our fun pregnancy hormones.(why Jesus.. whyyyy?!!) For both of my kids I had what felt like a never-ending baby list. I swear I was always adding to it every time something popped into my mind which then also made me worry that I was going to forget something major, like installing the car seat before their debut! Do any other moms struggle with focusing while pregnant? Husbands, pregnancy brain is a real thing, Robert could share more than a few unflattering stories of me I’m sure. I literally remember once while pregnant with Jett, going to make toast in the morning, so I grabbed the  toaster… went to the fridge and started rearranging the items the fridge so I could put the toaster in it.. as I started to put the toaster on the shelf it hit me.. what the crap am I doing!?!? As if us women don’t already go through enough while creating human inside of us, enduring aches and pains in all areas we didn’t even know could exist and our hair and skin go to crap either during pregnancy or will postpartum like mine. With both kids my hair has broken off all around my forehead line so I have short little baby hairs making a crown around my head…  so if you see me and my hair is looking like a disaster.. it is haha tempted to cut bangs at this point! But those two sweet babes of mine are worth all the hair loss 😉

I thought I would share my favorite baby products with you all. Babies may be tiny but they don’t travel light. (I shouldn’t talk) but seriously they  really do need a lot of stuff especially for their first year. I’ve rounded up my top 10 products below plus added a few to the bottom of the post that we also love to use!





More than any other baby item we own we get the most questions about where we bought our stroller. I can not recommend the Uppababy Vista stroller more! It is a bit pricey but I totally think it’s been worth every single penny not to mention it comes is a ton of really cute color combinations! (I really love our black style because it’s classic but I like this color above and the white style too!) We bought the Uppababy Mesa car seat to go with it and we love it, it’s light, not bulky and doesn’t require adapters to attached to the stroller.  When we bought it we knew we were going to have more than one kid so we wanted to make sure we bought a stroller that could turn into a double and with this stroller you have so many options to do that. You can have two toddler seats at once,  you can have a car seat and toddler seat, you can even add the piggyback board which would allow 3 kids on one stroller if you needed! There is a ton of options.  I highly suggest the piggyback board it’s so convenient and Kyden loves it and it’s so easy for him to get off and on and he loves it because he can also see Jettler whenever he wants. I also wanted to get this stroller because of the bassinet that came with it. It was so nice to have when Jettler was a newborn especially when we would go for walks, he could sleep comfortably and it kept him sheltered. We honestly take this stroller everywhere and even took it to Canada when we went to Banff and I’m so glad we did and it was easy to pack up for the airplane. You can buy this travel bag for it if you plan on taking it on trips. If you follow my Instagram you’ve probably seen us use it a lot!








K we just got this SkipHop Activity Center at Christmas for Jettler and I’m obsessed with it. For Kyden we had two different activity centers because one was to tall for him when he was 4 to 6 months old and then when he grew the other was to short for him. And they were so big and clunky and hard to store! However this one is AMAZING! It has a removable bottom base (that allows converts to an activity center table top which I think is so cool) that allows him to stand in it right now so he can touch and then we he grows we can remove it and he can then touch the floor. It has so many cool toys on it and I love that you can rearrange the toys however you want. The piano music player also can be put down by his feet so he can jump on it if he wanted to. Lastly it is super portable which is perfect for our family because we travel a lot. It breaks down and folds up so easily that we took it with us to Colorado to see Roberts family a few weeks ago. I also looked at getting this Activity Jumper from the same brand.







Best baby camera in my opinion! This may be the most important item you can buy for your new baby. As parents we always want to make sure our baby is okay and when you start having your precious little one sleep in their own room you will constantly be checking to make sure your baby is breathing and okay (if your like me anyways) I am always checking the video on my phone while in bed throughout the night. It has really impressive video picture quality and allows me to zoom in real close to see my baby breathing and ease my mind 🙂 I can’t be the only mom that does this!  I also love that we can access the video from any of our devices, phone, computer or iPad. It will send us alerts if there is any sudden movement or noises. It stores all video footage for up to 3 hours on the app but you can also store all video footage for a longer period of time if you wanted to sign up for that. It can double for a security camera which was the selling point for us. Baby camera monitors are so expensive and we wanted to invest in one that we could use after our babies are no longer babies. Anytime we are away on a trip we can just go to our app and see real-time video footage of our home to make sure it’s secure. Again, highly recommend as it was worth every penny!







Like I expressed above I can not say enough good things about these bottles. They come in two colors and they are the king of all bottles and have been my saving grace! Definitely go get some of these even if you are formal feeding already, they are gold. I just ordered 6 more!







I love Rebecca Minkoff!! I bought my first bag of hers 9 years ago in Vancouver when I lived there and I now own 4 of her bags and love them all!  They are classic but also super cute pieces that hold up well and are versatile for different looks. I snagged this beauty from one of Saks Fifths big sales and got a wicked deal on it over 3 years ago and it still looks brand new. It’s definitely pricey but I can fit so much stuff inside of it and it has a ton of compartments! I love the classic look of it and also love that it doesn’t scream” hey look,  I’m a diaper bag!”. Even Robert will carry it sometimes for me and it doesn’t look  girly or awkward on him which I feel like most husbands don’t get too excited about carrying a really feminine diaper bag. Maybe I’m crazy. I love this bag and will most likely be using it for all my kids because it’s just too dang pretty and fits everything, I love it!  Go check out her other bags too, they are super cute!








Being new to breastfeeding because I didn’t with Kyden, I had no idea what I all needed. My sister told me to definitely get a good pump. I researched a ton and wanted to get an electronic one that I could travel with. They are pricey but I love that I can take this one on road trips and pump whenever I needed. I always carry spare batteries with it just incase too. However I have never had to change the batteries yet and Jettler is 6 months old.







I haven’t had to use this yet with Jettler because I’ve been nursing him up till now but with Kyden we used this all the time!!!! If you’re formula feeding or bottle feeding  I would definitely recommend getting this travel bottle warmer! It’s really inexpensive and works so good. Whether your going away on a trip or just running around town doing errands it’s so nice to be able to pop a bottle in it quick.







Solly wraps are my all time favorite baby wraps for newborns. They are so easy to put on and comfortable for both the baby and myself. I wore these on repeat around the house for both kids for their first few months when laundry was piling up and I needed to clean our place. I own 3 and always have one in our vehicle so if we are out running errands or decide to go on a walk I always had one at hand. They come in so many cute prints and colors too. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me wearing them for both kids when they were little babies 🙂 So for you moms/dads out there feeling like you constantly have to hold your babies and can never get anything done, you will LOVE these!







Seems silly to suggest diapers but they can be so expensive and if they are constantly leaking or causing your baby to be uncomfortable it’s really important to find the best ones for them! It will also be so beneficial to you getting your rest at night. For me when we first had Kyden we tried all the brand name diapers that are crazy expensive thinking we were buying the best diapers for him. NO! We have found that the Target brand diapers are by far the best diapers we’ve ever used and now that’s all we buy. They are really well made, soft and not crunchy (hah I don’t know how else to describe it) and they have the indicator line but also you get so many more diapers compared to other brands for even cheaper! In Canada when we visit we like to buy the Parent Choice diapers from Walmart. They are pretty much equivalent to the Target ones and we’ve never had any issues with them. Plus they are the less expensive ones so it’s a win!!








The Little Giraffe blankets are softest baby blankets ever!!!! When I found out I was pregnant with Kyden I immediately bought a neutral colored one because I heard such great things about these blankets. Sure enough when Kyden was born I bought another one because I loved the one we had so much and wanted to have a spare (just incase I lost one or was washing one). So when we found out we were pregnant again it was a no brainer, I bought two more! To this day Kyden still has to have his blankets with him, he loves them! However they definitely have been loved and are always in need of a good wash when I can sneak them away haha but they are the coziest blankets and make you want to snuggle your babies even more!




I have so many favorite products besides these top 10 that I love. I thought I would share the rest below. If you have any questions about any of them please comment or message me, I would love to help anyway I can because I know preparing for a baby can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. I wouldn’t suggest products that I don’t personally love myself. I also plan on writing post about all my favorite baby swaddles and clothes because I get a lot of questions on where I’ve gotten Kydens’ and Jett’s from so stay tuned! Check out these products below, I hope it helps you mama’s and daddy’s out there. Congratulations on your little one(s)!

XX, Stacey

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