Star Wars & A Mom Fail

Star Wars & A Mom Fail

Is it too late to post Halloween pictures? Yeah like way too late!! But thought I’d do it anyways because I endured a bunch of sewing needle wounds from making the boys costumes(parts) and thought the pictures deserved to be published! A couple of months ago I asked Robert what our family should all dress up as, I had a few options including Star Wars but didn’t really consider it until Robert got all pumped about it when I mentioned it haha I figured I’m kind of outnumbered right now so I’ll be a good sport. Lets just say Princess Leia buns are no easy task and they cover up your ears which were not only super itchy and annoying, I also couldn’t talk on the phone when my mom called me. You should have seen me trying to wedge the phone in-between my ear and the rock hair bun I made out of hairspray… I went little savage! I was so pumped when I got home to take the million bobby pins out and let my hair live again.


The best we got of them together haha

Waiting in the longest line for the Treat Trail at the Science Center… we actually ended up leaving because the line was over two hours 😐

Halloween weekend we dressed up as a family and went downtown for trick or treating at the local businesses. Kyden wasn’t a fan at first of putting his Wicket (Ewok) costume on but when he saw all the other kids dressed up he all of a sudden became so proud of his costume haha it was cute!  Except he had a little plastic spear weapon we made that went with his costume and I think Robert and I both were on edge every time he had it because he just wanted to wack everything with it haha. Jett of course was Yoda, I bought his Yoda ear beanie off Etsy and made the rest… he was pretty freaking cute and snuggly! I discovered my sewing skills were not the best though because his robe started to loose some stitches by the end of it all! Robert was Hans Solo and I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, my husband is, but I became more of fan when he dressed up because he was the hottest Hans Solo ever! 😉 And then there I was with itchy hairspray buns and a white dress that made me completely claustrophobic HA! Lets just say he owes me for next year! I already have our costumes picked out 🙂

On actually Halloween day Robert was gone out of town for work but I promised Kyden I’d take him trick or treating for the first time ever and he was IN LOVE!!! At first he was a bit confused and shy but after the third house he couldn’t wait to go get more candy and thought it was the best day of his life. Pretty sure to this day he still thinks if we go to someones home he’ll get candy. Although one house was all decked out in scary Halloween decor and I saw the owner go and hide behind a sheet as we were walking up and I was like oh crap! I knew he was there but the little kid in me got scared and wanted to run away and was dreading the walk up to the door.. I’m such a wuss! But before we got to the door the decor scared Kyden he started screaming!! (100% mom fail) So I immediately pickled him up, hugged him and turned around really quick to walk away (also thinking thank goodness I don’t have to get scared ha) but the owners were so sweet and came out of character to come and comfort Kyden and let him know they weren’t going to scare him and spoiled him with a huge stash candy. He calmed down and actually started laughing at their costumes hah  thank goodness because I felt terrible when he got scared and probably should have skipped that house! Any other moms do that or am I just the worst?

I’ve also included their first costumes they had for a party (Sulley & Mike) the cutest monsters I ever did see!

My Costume - Leia // My Boots // Kyden's Costume - Wicket // Kydens Costume - Sulley // Jett's Costume - Yoda // Jett's Costume- Mike


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