If you have a bucket list you need to add Lake Moraine to it!!! By far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was our favorite part of the trip, we loved it so much that we went more than once. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are breathtaking and there are really beautiful hiking trails all around the lake. If we didn’t have the kids with us we definitely would have went canoeing, it looks fun.. and scary all at the same time! Kyden also loved exploring Lake Moraine! He is at the cutest stage right now where everything is such an adventure, his little curious side is coming out more and more where he just investigates all his surroundings. And if his surroundings include any types of rocks or sticks well.. he could keep himself busy for hours.  I definitely would recommend going early in the morning, when I say early mean like arrive before 6am. The first day we went we got the the entrance road at 7am and it was blocked off because the parking lot up by the lake was already full. So we got turned to the overflow parking which was about 5-10 minutes away where buses will take you up. If you travel there in the cooler months be prepared to bundle up, my amazing husband stood in line for us for over and hour and a half while the kids and I sat in the vehicle to keep warm. Once we got on the bus and got to Lake Moraine it was already 10 am. Also of you travel with small children I definitely would recommend trying to snag a parking spot early in the morning because there is a small coffee shop open to the public with really really small bathroom stalls and no changing tables.



The second day we went we got up at 2:30 am, pretty sure Robert and I didn’t even sleep. Who gets up at 2:30 am!? It’s not like we’ve been banking sleep hours either, we have baby and a toddler haha but it was worth it. We got to Lake Moraine at 4:30 am and I’m not even kidding the parking lot was already half full. Bunch of other zombie weirdos just like us all sitting in their cars trying to beat the crowds. We definitely napped until the sun came up. I packed a small breakfast for all of us so when the kids got up we ate and then headed out to the lake. It was the best day! Just so relaxing and peaceful, we loved it!

If we go back we would probably stay at the Moraine Lake Lodge, which we didn’t even know there was a place to stay up there until we got there. It’s super cute and convenient, literally 50 feet from the lake. There is also a really nice restaurant up there that would be perfect for a date night. If we go back without the kids we both agreed we need to go there. Highly recommend for couples 🙂



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