Matching Pj’s and a Gingerbread Train

Matching Pj’s and a Gingerbread Train

Hi guys! SO sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Our schedules have been crazy busy and Robert was gone this past week for a work trip so I had the kids solo and whenever I had the smallest amount of  free time I opted for sleep haha I apologize! However I have started working on a bunch of new blog posts for the new year so stay tuned!!

Every year we get matching family pajamas, it’s a tradition we started when we first had Kyden and every year I look forward to it. Last year we had matching Christmas Star Wars pajamas and this year I went with more traditional ones. What a difference a year makes though!! We got to add another cute little pajama bum to our clan… our Jettler boy!!! I’m so pumped for Christmas with him this year! And Kyden is now at the age where he understands the matching pajamas and gets so excited when we are all wearing ours.. he’ll point as his… then point at ours and do this cute little happy dance like we are the coolest parents ever for having matching clothes with him 🙂



His face hahaha


Last Saturday we planned the best day for the kids. The night before we all put our matching pj’s on so when we we woke up in the morning we were ready to start our day. Robert put on Christmas music, I made waffles and we started to build this cutest gingerbread train. Side note – is it just me or does Christmas music just make any day better? I could have the worst day but if I hear Christmas music I’m happy immediately hah I love it! Anyways when I went shopping for a gingerbread house I saw the train and immediately knew I had to get it because Kyden is currently obsessed with trains and I couldn’t wait to show him. As soon as he saw it he got soooo excited and kept saying “chooo shooo… chooo shooo” and clapped his little hands! I swear he ate 60% of the candy before we even had the train part built… we were a little limited on the decoration part at the end but it was still the cutest little train I’ve ever seen. Jett was taking a nap when we started but once he woke up he just loved watching his big brother be on a sugar high and just stared at him which Kyden loves and will immediately give him kisses. I love how much they love each other already, they truly are the best little buds!

Later that day we got all bundled up and headed to the park downtown where all the trees are lit up and decorated. It’s one of our favorite places to go because in the center of the park is a playground. Kyden would live on the swings if we let him, but it’s pretty magical (I know that sounds cliche) but seeing Kyden swinging with a smile on his face and the trees all around us lit up while Christmas music is playing in the park truly has been one of my most favorite moments this Christmas so far. I wish I could freeze time there. Later that night when we got home we laid a bunch of cozy blankets on the floor, set up the projector, made popcorn and watched a Christmas movie all cuddled up together. It was the perfect end to one of my most favorite days. I loved it!

But now I have to go finish packing for our trip to my parents house (We have 3 Christmas’s  all in different sates/provinces so trying to organize presents and packing for them has been a mission… I literally have stuff everywhere in our home right now…such a mess!) Anyways I  hope everyone has the best holiday with their loved ones. It’s the best time of the year!! Lets remember the reason for the season and the best gift of all, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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