Jettler is 6 Months!

Jettler is 6 Months!

Our sweet Jettler is 6 months old!! Ahh I know everyone always says time flies by but I feel like this past half year went faster than normal. I swear we just brought the little nugget home from the hospital a couple of months ago. But I do have to say each day just keeps getting better and better with him and I love seeing his sweet personality come out. He’s such a calm smiley baby and just goes with the flow and adores his big brother. I truly feel like they get along so good, I’m sure in the future they will have their moments but right now Kyden will randomly stop playing with toys and just go and kiss Jettlers head and hug him. I catch it all the time and it just melts my heart. And he’s always so willing to help me and will give Jett his pacifier or grab his blankets for him. And any time Kyden is around Jettler has his eyes locked on him to the point he almost wiggles himself out of his baby swing to make sure he doesn’t loose sight of his big brother! I really can’t wait until they can  start playing together. I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!!


Jettler – He’s a whopping 18lbs and sits, rolls, snail crawls (it’s really cute because his butt goes way up in the air when he does it haha) and squeals!!! Like SOOOO loud! It truly makes my ears hurt but I love seeing him be so happy and so proud of himself! He is an eating machine though and loves himself some rice cereal and baby food. I can’t keep up with him, I barely have the spoon out of his mouth and he has it back open again. We just started to switch him over to formula for a few reasons. The main one being I couldn’t keep up with his eating schedule to the point where I wasn’t feeling healthy anymore and if I’m not healthy then thats not good for him either. Transitioning him was rough at the start only because he refused bottles. We tried so many different bottles until I found  bottles in our storage that we actually had for Kyden and they were our SAVING GRACE!!! I’ve linked them below don’t worry! He latched instantly and has had no problems since. I would highly recommend these bottles because they are actually designed for transitioning babies from breastfeeding to formula feeding. I literally cried happy tears when he took the bottle because we tried so many I was starting to wondering if he ever would be able to transition.

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Happy Hump Day 🙂

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